Black &White'15 - Tech Fest in Parisutham Institute of Technology and Science - Anna University Internal marks 2018

Black &White'15 - Tech Fest in Parisutham Institute of Technology and Science

Event Name :  Black &White'15-Tech Fest
Event Type : Tech Fest
Event Date: 17.08.15-19.08.15
To be conducted by : Parisutham Institute of Technology and Science
Black &White'15-Tech Fest
Black &White'15-Tech Fest
Important Dates:
Registration Ending date of events- 15.08.15
Last date for submission of PPT-13.08.15

Organizer Details:
Common to all Departments of Engineering


1. Paper Presentation.
2.Auto-CAD Modelling.
3. Photography.
4. Engineering Basics.
5. System Maniac.
6. Puzzle Box.
7. Typing Champ.
8. Website Designing.
9. Chuck Glider.
10. Para Glider.
11. Sumo Robotics.
12. RC Car Racing.
13. Water Rocketry.
14. Code Debugging.
15. Tech Quiz.

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Contact Information:

Benny +91 7708220168

Karthick +91 7418949013

Email :

Event Address:
Address: NH-67 Ring Road, 
Kamaraj Nagar, Nanjikottai, 

Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu 613006

Phone: 04362 255 620

Additional Informations:
Black and White is an Annual Inter College Tech Fest Conducted by Parisutham Institute of Technology & Sciences (PITS) - Thanjavur.

Black & White Features 15 Highly Competitive Technical Events Spread out across All areas of Engineering. 

Black and White - is an ideal stage for the innovators of this generation to show their innovative ideas and their inventions to the entire Engineering community by unleashing your dreams beyond imagination.

The most prestigious platform for thinkers, innovators and learners is here again.The whole technical fest promises you an awesome experience where you can see the confluence of thoughts and ideas amongst the tech junkies, spanning the length and breadth of India, which is going to be Now or never event, and leaves an impression in your minds that remains forever.

A golden opportunity to showcase your technical skills thereby making the knowledge gained through the past few years worthwhile... So come, join us have fun by being apart of this enthralment .

Submitted by : Sriyazhini, Benny, Sibaa seo

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