Shall we use Facebook after Marriage? - Anna University Internal marks 2018

Shall we use Facebook after Marriage?

Shall we use Facebook after Marriage
Shall we use Facebook after Marriage
Obviously Yes……But read this post fully.

Now a days social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus,,, are more popular among peoples all over the world. We can post our photos, thoughts etc through these networks. But we should maintain some limits while using these networks.

Inorder of using Facebook many young couples are getting diverse within few months after marriage. This is mainly because of misunderstanding between husband and wife. In this case share Facebook password between yourself. It may solve this problem.

In other hand, some peoples will have many unknown friends that started before marriage. Kindly stop that contacts and remove them from your friend list to continue your awesome marriage life. Don’t think these matters as very simple. The diverse counts are very much increasing in the world. So take it serious.

If you follow all these things, you can use your Facebook. If you cant do this better deactivate you account. Deactivating Facebook is better the Diverse.. 

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