PROPER DISTANCE FOR WATCHING TELEVISION - Anna University Internal marks 2018


The question is...What is the best viewing distance to watch TV?

Generally we will think that sitting close to the TV and watching it causes permanent damage to our eyes. Actually it is wrong. According to the Canadian Association of Optometrists (CAO),it will not cause damage to our eyes but it causes eye strain and fatigue. Fatigue in the sense tired.

To get cure from eye strain and eye fatigue give little rest to you eyes. That is enough to cure this problem.

Maintain Proper Lighting:
Many peoples will watch televisions in a dark room, this will cause problems to our eyes. Always maintain daylight brightness in your room while watching TV. Please don't watch TV while wearing sun glasses.

Maintain Proper Distance:
We should watch TV from a distance of five times the width of the TV screen. But if you unable to see the letters on the screen correctly come close to it. Because if your eyes strains to view anything ,it leads eye strain and fatigue.

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