IT2301 Java Programming Important Questions - Anna University 5th sem IT - Anna University Internal marks 2018

IT2301 Java Programming Important Questions - Anna University 5th sem IT

Here we have provided you the Important Question for Java programming subject, which is for Anna university fifth semester IT Department students.Study these questions and study all the question that you have studies already.Give more importance to these questions.This questions may or may not come in your university examination.So study all the questions.These questions are only Important Questions.
Java Programming Important Questions
Java Important Questions
Unit -1 Java Important Questions:
1)Basic concept of OOP [same question,that you have studied in 3rd sem OOPS].
2)Explain Static Members.
3)Explain Finalize() method in detail.
4)Briefly explain the Access specifiers in java.
5)Explain Constructors in detail.

Unit -2 Java Important Questions:
1)Explain in detail about Array concept And its types.
2)Explain Packages in Java.
3)Inheritance and Polymorphism.
4)Explain Dynamic Binding.
5)Explain String.

Unit -3 Java Important Questions:
1)Java Reflection
2)Object Cloning
3)Graphical Programming
5)Inner class and I/O streams

Unit -4 Java Important Questions:
1)Event Handler
2)Adapter Classes
3)Swing + [ MVC ]
4)Exception Handling
5)Buttons And layout management

Unit -5 Java Important Questions:
1)Generic Programming
2)Thread and Multi-threading.
3)Thread safe collection
4)Thread synchronization

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The above questions are only important questions,these questions may or may not come for the examination.So study all the question and give more importance to these questions also. 
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