LEAVE LETTER TO TEACHER - Anna University Internal marks 2018


Usually for school student, parents tend to write leave letters for some obvious reasons. Children may fall sick often or when their parent to take them to some occasion or tour, they write a leave letter to their child’s class teacher or principal. When they address their child’s teacher, they use a polite format of content in their letter and ask leave for a specific and valid reason. Check out the following leaver letter to teacher sample..

11th feb 2013

The class Teacher,
Good Shepherd,

Dear Madam,

I am <parent name> and I am writing this letter to inform you that my <son/daughter>, <student name>, studying in your class was diagnosed with chicken fox and advised to take bed rest till she gets cured completely. I am fearing to send her/him to school as chicken fox is a communicable disease.

I kindly request you to grant him leave till he gets completely cured and also to stay under continuous medical supervision to get quicker recovery. Thanks for considering my request.

Thank You,

Yours Sincerely,
<parent sign>

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