DISH NETWORK - Anna University Internal marks 2018


Hello guys, now we are going to see about Dish Networks. Now a days peoples around the world prefer wireless networks than wired networks. And so, demand of disk network service providers are too increased.

Dish Network is an US based company that provides variety of services including,
  • Satellite television
  • Satellite internet
  • Audio programming
  • Interactive television services
This company was founded on 1980 by three legends named Charlie Ergen, Jim De Franco and Candy Ergen. Now this company has more than fifteen million subscribers with twenty thousand employees. And the highlighted point is, this company has more than nine own satellites and many leased satellites.

As of now, Dish network is providing service only for fifty states in United States of America. They provide channels to consumers based on paying and choosing the channels. They have many premium channels too. To access those channels consumers need to pay more money than paying for normal channels.

To get available services from Disk network, consumers must buy a dish to retrieve signals from the satellite. The cost of dish is approximately 50 dollars. Consumers need to place this dish above their commercial places or their residency to access those services.

Why Dish:
This question may arise in many peoples that, why we need to move to Dish TV’s?. The reason is, we will get high quality pictures. That is, HD videos. If we use cable TV , it’s very rare to get HD quality Television channels. And for cable TV channels, users need to pay for all channels provided by cable TV service providers. But here, users can choose any channels among the group and can pay only for selected channels instead of paying for all channels.

DISH Tailgater
Dish Tailgater is portable device which helps you to watch TV outside from your home. This is a fabulous technology released by Dish Network and it was highly welcomed by their consumers. This is because, users can watch TV when they were in parks, beaches or in relaxing places.

Dish Anywhere:
Recently Dish Networks announced a new feature that the consumers can get or view all the subscribed channels thorough internet in their laptops and smartphones. They released a special application for smartphones to make easy channel access in mobile phone. This technology is also welcomed by their consumers.

Dish Network Satellites:
As of now (April, 2015) there are fourteen satellites are providing service for users. The satellites for Dish network are follows, 
  • EchoStar XV
  • Echostar XII
  • EchoStar III
  • Nimiq 5
  • EchoStar VI
  • EchoStar VIII
  • EchoStar I 
  • EchoStar IV 
  • EchoStar X
  • EchoStar XI
  • Anik F3
  • EchoStar VII
  • Echostar XIV
  • EchoStar IX/ Galaxy 23
As this is a satellite based network, if any problem happened by inclement weather means, then the whole subscribers need to face this impact.

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