Carnival V3.0 – MEXTRON Symposium in United Institute of Technology - Anna University Internal marks 2018

Carnival V3.0 – MEXTRON Symposium in United Institute of Technology

Event Name : Carnival V3.0 – MEXTRON
Event Type : Symposium
Event Date: '06-03-2015
College Name : United Institute of Technology
Important Dates:
Abstract Last Date : 28.02.2015
Date of Intimation : 02.03.2015
Event Date : 06.03.2015

Organizer Details:
Department of Mechanical Engineering
United Institute of Technology
Coimbatore - 20.

Any Department in Mechanical field related

Event Topics:
Paper Topics :

WEB Address:

FB Address:

Contact Information:
United Institute of Technology,
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Coimbatore – 641020

Staff coordinator : S. Om Prakash (+91 99941-76314)
Student coordinator : P.Navin (+91 98651-90745)

Event Address:
United Institute of Technology
Coimbatore - 20.

Additional Informations:
The ultimate aim of Mechanical Engineering Department of United Institute of Technology to establish its campus by conducting the mega event mechanical carnival. We are glad to say that the mechanical carnival has transformed itself into V3.0
V1.0 and V2.0 was a land mark that forged the campus of UIT to an extent that relished our name and fame all over Coimbatore and neighboring districts.
“A walk of thousand miles begins with a single step” V1.0 this is the moment where it all begun V1.0 was a mega fest in the campus of UIT which provided a platform for the Mechanical Engineering department to express its talent and impressed everyone with their hard work. The total strength visited our campus on the Carnival day Sep21st 2012 was 234. It was a day which is fun filled with a technical essence and it became a grand success.
V2.0 it’s a second leap where the mechanical enthusiast took all over it again. The version 2.0 of mechanical carnival has a very good impression on every one. The highlight of V2.0 is RC-Racing where everyone was eagerly waiting for the full filled moment.
It was the coordination in the mechanical department that helped the carnival V2.0 a grand success. We are not only helped by the authority but also from the sponsors like
 ADORO multimedia
 Black thunder
 HINDUSTAN hardware’s
 TNFDC Chennai
 Nalas Appakadai
 Srinivasa Cements Private Limited
 Elite Furniture Mart
 Venkateswara Blue Metals
 Aspire Holidaysand many more
The total strength visited our campus on the carnival day Feb 28th 2014 was 350+ participants
Now it’s time to gear up for an earth shattering moment – Carnival V3.0. Carnival V3.0 begins with enriched ideas on 6th March, Friday. It is guaranteed that it will be a place where you enhance your knowledge in technical field and unbelievable prizes. There will be nothing short of ecstasy.
We are very much pleased to have you in our campus to capture our delightful moment
Carnival V3.0 – 2015
 CAD Contest
 CNC Coding
 RC Racing
 Aqua Jet
 Paper Presentation
 Nuts & Bolts
 Assembling & Dismantling
 Ask Me
 Shadow Identification
 Surprise Events
 Alter Mechanics
 Contraption
 Auto Quiz
Carnival links
Website :
Mail id :
Facebook :
Youtube link : Teaser of Carnival V3.0: Carnival V2.0: Carnival V2.0 (RC Racing) :

• An arena to expose your talent and in-depth knowledge on your interested areas-viz, Manufacturing, Thermal Engineering, Design Engineering.
• Mesmerize and magnetize your innovative presentation.

• To assemble the right pair of nuts and bolts, within a specified time frame.

• To check your practical knowledge in mechanical engineering field.
• Participants (team) need to identify, elaborate about the components exhibited.

• Participant need to dismantle and assemble the two stroke Internal Combustion Engine.
• Time taken is the performance measure.

• To improve the ability of engineers to face the challenges in the CNC coding of part program.

• The shadows will be projected on the screen which has to be identified.
• The shadow describes the Mechanical Devices, Mechanisms and Instruments… etc.

• Model rocket using water as its reaction mass.
• The pressure vessel—the engine of the rocket—is usually a used plastic soft drink bottle.
• The water is forced out by a pressurized gas, typically compressed air.
• Longer the distance, better the design/performance.

• A drawing of the object with the specified dimensions will be given to the participants to draw that object using design software.
• It reflects the good hands of participants on software.
• Bring your RC Nitro Cars (RTR Kits are allowed) to race in the world class RC off- road Track.

• Search-Find-Seek-Enjoy-once you reach us.

• Let’s set the tarmac on fire! Get your mods into play

• Who said engineering is boring? Think again!!
Show your ability to convolute the most simplest of actions with an Infinite array of steps into solutions that enthrall us.
• We belive that there is no more quizzing than simply asking questions.
• Think smart and conjure the Einstien in you.

Submitted by : Navin.P

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