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Three things technology can do by hacking into human body

Can change colour of eyes:

Science has given to humans the ultimate power to do anything. But with human body it is always surprising. However now scientist has found a way to change the colour of the eye. Eye colour is one of the things which everyone thought that science can’t change (although you can use contact lens).but it’s time to update. Doctors in California have claimed that they have invented a procedure to change the color of the eyes. Yes you can change the color of your eyes in to blue in a matter of reality everyone has blue eyes but it is your stupid genes that decide that you will have black colored eyes because you are really stupid. We all have blue eyes but it is covered by pigmented layer. The procedure uses a laser beam called stroma laser it disrupts the pigment layer thus revealing the original blue colour. After the procedure the eye will get darker and after three to four weeks it will reveal its blue colour.

It can also kill you:
Diabetic patients should take a shot of insulin to keep the sugar levels under control. Today modern insulin injectors are available which will monitor the blood sugar levels and inject insulin into your body. It also gives the patient the details to his or her mobile using Bluetooth. This is where the trouble comes. Using computers or specialized software anybody can hack into the device and can change the insulin levels as they want. Don't thing it is not possible because students from a university has done this successfully (they just hacked it they did not kill anyone)

It can give you super breathing powers:

We humans have a big problem with our freaking lungs if we cut out the air we die. But science is a magic fairy and it has its own ways. Scientists at Boston hospital has devised a method to inject oxygen directly into your blood .but when you inject oxygen directly onto blood it will not harm you but will kill you. The scientists designed micro particles and filled it with oxygen then they mixed it with lipids and put it in a liquid stuff so it can blend well with blood. They blocked the trachea of an animal (air passage to lungs) and injected it with oxygenated stuff. The animal had been normal with normal oxygen for about 15 men they are in development stage and will reach humans soon.

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